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Quantum Rip!

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Fantasy, Furry, Science Fiction
Description*:Quantum Rip is set primarlily on an Earth that closely resembles our own. At least untill you scratch the surface, it does.

Dimension hopping aliens, that have come to be known as Travelers, have been conducting genetic and cybernetic experiments on people. Their primary goal is supposedly to study the effects these changes have on the psychological make up of sentient beings. The Travelers seem to take some perverse glee from it, though. The Travelers have been stranded on this Earth, and scattered around the globe after their installation was attacked by beings that call themselves Technothropes. Trapped on an Earth that isn't their own, many Travelers have begun to alter themselves to more easily survive. They continue to abduct and change people, though now often as slave labor. Their preffered design for slaves is the Pantherine human. Pantherines were inspired by, and to some degree mock, the cat people that appear in so much human fiction and mythology.

The Technothropes are the product of technomancy; the bizarre combination of advanced technology and powerful magic. The creator of technomancy, the Technomancer, seeks to rule his Earth, and has begun to pool his power with technothropes on other Earths in an effort to become powerful enough to defeat all the sorcerers who will try to stop him. The introduction of such powerful magic to an Earth that was previously lacking in any real supernatural forces has allowed a lot of things that normaly hid in the shadows to become bolder. In many cases, they've also become much stronger.

In the middle of all of this an organization calling itself the Special Response Unit (S.R.U.) has risen to try to protect people from these new, other worldy threats. Founded by Dr. Sarah Hancock, the S.R.U. was originaly formed as a small, privately funded group of scientists and investigators, tasked with uncovering illegal, unethical scientific experimentation. Since the coming of the Travelers, they've grown dramaticly, and have begun to see new sponsors, from private and corporate sources. A few governments have even begun to aid them. The S.R.U. is now an international organization. The comic revolves a round a team of "irregulars" that the S.R.U. has assembled. The team includes a Traveler victim who hasn't spoken in eight years, a six inch tall dragon, a werewolf priest, a shapeshifting mystic healer who's bent on patricide, a reluctant Technothrope, and a relatively normal guy with a penchant for overpowered energy weapons.

Hate groups have also sprung up. So called geno-supremacists who target the new "altered population." This encompases not only Traveller victims, but also those who have been through mysticaly based metamorphosis. They call for the sterilization and isolation of all such people . Some of the more militant groups call for outright extermination.

People around the world are beginning to understand why "May you live in interesting times." was considered a curse by the ancient Chinese.
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