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House of LSD

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Genres:Anime, Comedy, Furry, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Parody or Satire, Romance
Description*:Welcome to the luxury apartment of Luna, Skye and Devi Bitchkitten, triplets and pornstars who share their place with Adam, a bashful and high-strung squirrel.

Updates every Monday. Archive at
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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
N Nudity
X Explicit (NC-17)
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Entry Added:Tue, Apr 9, 2002
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01:45am 01/06/2015
New mirrors for the old, X-rated series
The old, X-rated series was once available on MegaUpload, but of course that link has died.

Fortunately, mch_89 was cool and dug out a local copy of the archive. So now we can read it again!!rI9WgS7R!kTGkkgE4zTT8yl92Y35lauXF3C_8reCyHxFld6LtPq0

Happy reading!
12:04am 04/23/2013
While the comic is good, and 'updates' .. if you call it that, on a regular basis, it tends to reboot itself with the same art and the same story every so often, so .. I can't really call it a weekly update when it's stuff released years ago that are the updates.
04:41pm 01/05/2010
Oh really?
The artist, J3t (not Jay Naylor), does a good job with art and humor. The story could use some work in the beginning, but as it kicks off it really gets going.

This comic also updates regularly and on time. A good read.
09:40pm 06/08/2009
From the same author....
Sure, it may be too soon to tell, as it always is, but after Jay Naylor's successful and popular debut comic Better Days, I do expect this to hold up to the same standards of well-balanced drama and comedy. So far I have already had some good laughs. I can't wait for this one to really take off.
09:32pm 05/31/2009
too soon to tell...
The art is good and it might have a story...but it is too soon to tell.
In its short run, it has not yet missed an update in its twice-weekly schedule.
Perhaps bookmark it for a year from now.
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