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Office Bitch, the

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Genres:Drama, Furry, Transformation
Description*:Follows the story of Toby Hundin. After he puts on a magic tie (a gift from his boss Frank), he slowly transforms. He fights the inanity and oppressive nature of the place he works, but loses as much as he wins.

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Flags:A Adult Situations
L Adult Language
N Nudity
X Explicit (NC-17)
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10:11pm 07/25/2008
X-Rated Transformation Fetish Comic.
This comic... it's kind of a train-wreck. If you like Transformation themed stories and such, it's at least interesting. The artwork is not great, but it gets the idea across. Plot is something that really isn't applicable here, as I gather this is a series of commissioned transformation scenes. In general this is an unapologetic transformation fetishist comic, and it's pretty explicit. If you have those interests, though, you might like this.
09:31pm 07/17/2008
Very very deep comic
I stumbled across this one by accident on Belfry, by perusing the "Most Read" section. I started reading from the current, and thought, "What the heck?" Yet I'm hooked. Then I went to the beginning, and am now reading it from stem to stern.

Picklejuice has a very interesting, and rather dark ride here and I love it. Art is very rudimentary but I think well handled and suits the tone. Site could use a little more in the way of features, but I'm here for the comic. And that comic, I think, is awesome.
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