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Description*:Henchman & RPG jokes.
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02:16am 02/27/2012
Adventure comic from an unexpected perspective
Nodwick is a member of an adventuring party. And by member, I mean that he is the hired henchman, completely expendable, and only given respect by one of the other adventurers. When he isn't being sent ahead of the party to preemptively trigger the traps, or to check if the monsters ahead have any murderous intent, he is carrying all of their gear and treasure and having his wisdom ignored.
Which is unfortunate for the others in the party since he is the most intelligent of the bunch.

With about 1300 comics in the archive, there are many interesting adventures with our four colorful main characters bumbling into and out of significance. It gets to the point where the enemies of humanity just take for granted that these guys might just stumble into ruining their plans. In general, each chapter is a stand alone story sprinkled with jokes. For some of you, starting at the beginning is best, but if you want a great taste of the comic, begin at chapter 15:

It offers a full page comic three days a week.
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