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Genres:Comedy, Gaming, Parody or Satire, Political, Romance
Description*:A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language. Few comics can make you laugh, cry, and feel stupid all at once - xkcd is one of those.

And the name means nothing. It's just a four-letter string with no phonetic pronunciation, a guarded rarity.
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Entry Added:Tue, Aug 1, 2006
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05:07am 08/20/2013
Sticks and Stones Hurt my Funny Bone
Draw some stick people, add what is added here, and hilarity ensues. Seriously funny stuff indeed, and so simple and streamlined.
10:53pm 07/14/2008
One of the few Stick Figure comics I'll read
Normally, I'd rather claw my eyes out than look at another stick-figure webcomic. I've seen far far too many bad ones.

Xkcd is the exception. It's uniquely geekish humour just makes it okay for it to be a stick figure comic.
10:34am 07/14/2008
Geek Romance and Life, in Stick Figures
Geeks... aren't quite like most people. They have different motivations and compulsions and loves. Xkcd is obviously written by someone who gets it; who understands the way a geek's mind works, and who experiences it himself. Unusually for a geek-themed comic, he also discusses romance in a very endearing way. The art may be stick figures, but the content will resonate with geek readers.
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