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Whiteboard, The

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Furry
Description*:Paintball-related: A grumpy Polar Bear runs a store and tries to keep one step ahead of the customers.

Updates Monday thru Friday.

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Flags:A Adult Situations
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Entry Added:Sun, Jul 21, 2002
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01:19am 10/17/2018
We all know someone like Doc. ...
We all know someone like Doc. If we don't we wish we did. He'd be a handy guy to have on your side. Except when the zombies or killer robots or guys in the black helicopters with the Neuralyzers show up...what was I saying? Oh yeah, reviewing "The Whiteboard--" If you like your mayhem served up fresh daily with a side of cheesecake, this is the comic strip for you.
09:49pm 10/16/2018
Paintball humor? More like mad science with a fun hobby, and walk-in costumers
This is a really good gag-a-day strip, that is also somehow a vaguely autobiographical (more like wishful thinking) story about Doc, who is an "airsmith" - a guy who makes custom paintball guns and stuff, and his friends, their friends, family, the bartender, the kids, annual zombie invasion, the half dozen nuclear reactors in the basement, the atomic coffee maker, the homemade mountain dew bottling plant, the tentacle monster in the fridge and the paintball minigun that can shoot around corners.

Basically this comic is low-key mad science, but filtered through a private business owner who runs a paintball shop - while also tinkering with rocket-powered sofas in his workshop. It's also about his staff, how they live, love and have fun at the field paintball field.

It's hilarious, its weird, and you will learn to keep your barrel plug on - otherwise Doc eats you.
02:47am 03/07/2009
clever, cute, and out of control!
from day three, it changes. There is no format but works best for the day's gag. Amusing and switching from one thing to the next, and it even fits a bit of a story into it. You do not need to know anything about paintball, but you may need to look up a few things on occasion.
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