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Alien Dice

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction
Description*:Join Lexx is an alien who has a small problem. He's part of a game in which HE is the prize and, to complicate matters, he has accidentally 'abducted' a very vocal human female! By the author of The Cyantian Chronicles.
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03:36am 11/01/2012
Good read, sort of like Intergalactic Poke'mon, with a twist:
The good: Captivating Storyline, on the surface Alien dice is a game. Dice bond to animals, have the animals evolve as they level up. The actual game is something between a hunt and battling with the dicemon. But for the rich and the bored of the Galaxy that wasn't enough. They took the game one sept further, binding dice and sentient lifeforms. While the rich hunt and battle using owned sentient dice as pawns, Lexx, plays the older game. Can he complete the dice set he released on earth before the others come to fight and capture him? Added to this is his run in with Chelsea, an earth girl with the unfortunate luck of owning a cat his dice bonded too. As for the rest throw in romance, intrique, politics, and questions of ethics. Can Lexx remain free?

The bad: Style. This comic begins as a graphic novel, but later on due to the slowness of the updates on the text portion, it begins to appear more like a standard net comic. I just wish the author could keep the text updated better, because the text in most cases enriches the comic.
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