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Description*:Bill Watterson’s Calvin and Hobbes has been a worldwide favorite since its introduction in 1985. The strip follows the richly imaginative adventures of Calvin and his trusty tiger, Hobbes. Whether a poignant look at serious family issues or a round of time-travel (with the aid of a well-labeled cardboard box), Calvin and Hobbes will astound and delight you.

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01:23am 07/01/2014
The pinnacle of newspaper strips
Bill Watterson began Calvin and Hobbes with a mission: to counteract what he saw as the degeneracy of newspaper comic strips. Whereas most dailies at the time contented to remain in the safe harbour of banal triviality, Watterson dared to push his readers to think. Calvin and Hobbes dealt with everything, from the trials and tribulations of grade school and the dreaded Family Vacation, to the unsung battles of the homemaker, through to serious interrogations of art, philosophy, and the state of the newspaper industry itself; indeed, Watterson's elaborate Sunday pages were themselves a partial rebellion against conventional impositions on the format. But whereas overtly political strips such as Doonesbury and Non Sequitur approach these same topics with a jaded cynicism, Calvin's boundless imagination and incredible adventures are underwritten by an indefatigable optimism, and the strip concludes with the inseparable friends setting out on their toboggan to explore this "magical world".

Watterson ended the strip as quietly and unceremoniously as it began, yet the readership's reaction was anything but. Testifying to the legacy of Calvin and Hobbes is the plethora of slice-of-life webcomics that cite Watterson as an inspiration, if not -the- inspiration. Though we will probably never see further (official) adventures of the boy and his tiger, we can be assured that their creative spirit lives on.
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