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Wrongside: Beginning

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Drama, Furry, Political
Description*:A fantastically-drawn and -written comic depicting a race-torn world of war and politics. Well-developed characters, beautiful art, a rich universe with a professional story - any furry fan should stop and read through this comic. It won't take more than a few pages for the reader to fall in love with Amanda Payne's characters and creations.
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07:37pm 05/16/2010
Great (with a few spiffs)
(This review has spoilers)

This comic by Amanda Payne has many things. Visually speaking, it has an amazing sense of art and color that separates and gives individuality to characters. It’s nothing short of amazing and will immediately infatuate an art savvy reader. Story wise, it ranges from political to supernatural to romance to drama to action. It varies greatly, which isn’t always good thing, but this comic balances it pretty well.

I can sense a dark and serious undertone beneath it all that keeps this from being a strict drama and a bit of a political warning (this may or may not have been a general goal of Amanda’s), and everything intertwines so deeply to me that some things may be hard to understand or spot. Some of the characters get a bit jumbled, and the large number of liaisons and underhanded deals makes me wonder how any of the characters came to their position in the first place. (I can understand how the monarchy of the Sapiens decided this, but there’s a lot that leaves it unsettled.)

Also, the scale of everything seems just so out of whack that it leaves me scratching my head. Having studied history and war, the tactics and techniques of war being used are just plain silly. It seems as if this is all happening on a very small island versus a continent, and the seperate societies seem more like tribes than the nations portrayed. And Amanda takes great leaps in what the final war achieves versus what is actually seen. A whole race and monarchy wiped out? How? To wipe out or demolish a country takes more that a few pictured guerrilla fighters.

And another thing. War usually requires a good amount of technology. Why the heck was everyone on foot? Maybe that’s just the type of world this is, but more emphasis on locale, setting, and culture needs to be placed in order to make me stop comparing to our own world.

…But I digress.

Despite this, Wrongside: Beginnings is an amazing comic. I know, this last wrap up will seem totally contradictory to what I have just written, but it’s true. Technical errors aside, the sense of emotion and story portrayed in the art itself is touching and nothing short of amazing. The moments of tragedy and confrontation and… well… tragic and tense. Amanda knows how to use the diverse ensemble cast to the fullest, and she’ll leave you with a fulfilling and gratifying comic.
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