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Description*:A very funny webcomic.

Updates Mondays and Fridays.
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03:56pm 04/11/2012
Sets the bar pretty high for furry comics
"DMFA" is one of the benchmark furry webcomics around. It's rare to have a consistently entertaining comic with well-developed characters with their own agendas, cute drawing style, epic-level stories and general tomfoolery thrown in. Miss Mab provides humor, warmth and angst for her characters, all while telling a story that feels like it's actually building to something.

Very addictive and highly recommended.
05:41am 02/09/2012
a fantastic comic
this is one of my favorite comics, the archives are huge and going through them you can see a major progression in the art style and storytelling. it might seem like a simple gag a day comic with a large cast of characters but it is much deeper than that.
06:04am 09/24/2011
You haven't read this one yet? Really!?
The first couple of comics are absolutely going to be off-putting. The art is bad. The story is bad. And apparently, the author was not good at updating regularly. Even the text looked awful! You do not need to get very far into the archive, however, before a radical transformation takes place. There is almost a year of space between #73 and #74, which is in the middle of a storyline! Suddenly she is updating regularly, the art and story make huge leaps forward. By #84 and onward, all the rest of the strips are colored. The art continues to improve, and the stories become addictive.

And that's it! If you can get through 73 strips, there is a goldmine of an archive to back it up! About 1250 currently! And updating regularly in the middle of a story line that was alluded to around comic #600 and I am really excited about. At comic #1204 there is another boon to the comic in the form of a much more dynamic layout.
Go read the other reviews if you want to know why you will like it, I just don't want you to give up on this one too early.
02:26am 09/21/2010
So, here we go. A very belated review for one of the most popular fuzzy comics today. *blows party treat*.

Of course, it's not all fun and games until the review is done, of course.

Now, about halfway through the artist makes a joke about how the earlier art in the series makes her cringe, and that reading through the old archives involves symptoms of nausea , or something along those lines. This is more or less true.

The introductions and characters are throw at you not unlike the fashion stones are thrown in ancient Babylonian times (and certain parts of California). It really does get disorienting, and the imprecise drawing and lack of color really has you flipping back to the strips that actually have names in them. Not a problem of course, since the ultra-rookie "Hello" strip in which ninety-eight percent of the strip are iterations of the word "hello" and the character names. The last two percent is a half-contrived joke pointing it out.

But once you get past all of this (mainly, to when the chapter that begins inf full color), you find a truly fun comic which never fails to make you laugh or strain your brain with an old fashioned plot twist. Honestly, it really did surprise me just how many twists this fun little comic has, like a turn in a roller-coaster your didn't quite see. Only this roller coaster has fuzzy characters all over the place, dragons, demons, and incubi, and enough teasing and fan service to make give you a raging case of blue ovaries (for all orientations alike).

Now, there is one main problem (that doesn't really detract from anything, but is still annoying) and that's the author's absolute hack of the fourth wall and interaction with the audience. While the destruction of the said wall during the cannon strips are truly funny (constantly hanging the lamp-shape they are), I get tired and tired of the constant reminder from the artist that we, the audience, are apparently retarded and perverted to a degree that we are unable to realize that we are looking up a skirt/kilt that belongs to the same gender as ourselves (or the opposite for others of a different persuasion). Okay. I get it. You get dumb and weird emails. No need to shove it in our faces. Just like the occasional goody-two-shoes Incubus, I'm tired of hearing about it.

In conclusion, however, these parts are truly kept separate from the whole story which is ABSO$%^#ING amazing. There's no other way to describe it. Humor, drama, and just the occasional moment of humility and sadness. Enough that it adds a whole new level of depth to everyone in this comic.

So, a good read? Ye. At first? Not quite. Take a few drinks and you'll enjoy, and by time you're sobered up you're in for one heck of a ride. Because for every halfbad comic here, there's about seventy-five more that are absolutely amazing.
11:12pm 07/25/2008
Cute, Fluffy, Bitey Fun. Gnar Gnar.
This is one of my very favorite comics. The art is great, and perfectly suited for the material. Characters are well defined, and have full backgrounds and histories. The story arcs can run quite long, and sometimes multiple levels deep, and they are almost without exception rather fun. The plot varies, as you might expect from a continuous format strip with no fixed end, but it keeps the reader wondering what will happen next. Even when the story arc is rather more dramatic, Amber never forgets that humor is the root of her comic. Very, very well done.
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