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Genres:Action-Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Gaming
Description*:Completed as per announcement from author

Illustrator Jamie Noguchi (Angry Zen Master) and author Rob Balder (Partially Clips) team up to bring a bizarre world to life.
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05:29am 10/05/2010
A beautiful, but extremely slow, comic
Erfworld truly has blossomed into an exquisite piece of work, with explosive detail on every page... that actually -is- a page, at least.

It seems that the artists have taken to making every other entry full-text with an accompanying single-frame image, which is fine if you like extra backstory and side narrative... but not so much if you just want a comic. The updates have been coming very slowly lately, but the art style almost entirely makes up for it.

This is the kind of comic that you need to forget about for a year or so and then check up on again to reap the entire time lapse in one delicious binge of pure awesome. Alternatively, I would also recommend subscribing to their RSS feed, so that you can be alerted by whatever RSS reader you chose to pick up whenever they DO get around to an update.

However, no matter how slow it is, this comic deserves no disrespect. It just deserves... patience. Good things come to those who wait, and this epic win in comic format will satisfy you like few other things ever will, if you just give it time.
07:51am 11/18/2008
funny and creative, but not captivating
There are not that many strips that have such a good start, continue to hold my attention but don't create high expectations in me. It is not clear where the strip is going, but it is fascinating to think about the concept.
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