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Bittersweet Candy Bowl

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Genres:Comedy, Drama, Furry, Gay-Lesbian-TG, Romance
Description*:Bittersweet Candy Bowl offers a wacky name, speaking animals and teenage angst all wrapped in ridiculous love circles, triangles and quadrilaterals along with a bunch of humour. And it isn’t even made of Sonic sprites, but a traditional work of art rendered in classic pencil on notebook paper -- inspiring in any artist sweet nostalgia for their own humble beginnings in grade school.
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09:43pm 06/30/2014
The feels
This comic definitely has the feels going. BCB is exactly as the title suggests, a bittersweet comic with an overall "sweet" tone. The story is interesting and the characters truly grow as the comic goes on. The art initially was pretty bad, but quickly improves and recently is outstanding. BCB brightens up my day three times a week and I would recommend to anyone seeking a wonderfully bittersweet story.
07:10am 08/18/2010
The most striking thing to me about this comic is that the feelings are real. Sure it starts out as a wall of text with characters so similar in appearance that those without a scarf or a bow are hard to pick out... But it is not phony. It deals with love and sex and friendship in a way that hurts you sometimes, and makes you think in others. The characters you care about aren't perfect or cliche. They want to have principles, but they are still figuring them out. They have made mistakes, and they realistically go about ignoring or fixing them. Sometimes very funny, sometimes head scratching, the feelings are real, and the story is inspiring. The art does get better, and eventually there are backgrounds. There is still a great deal of development to be had, and I cannot wait.
12:43am 07/03/2010
A treat, truly!
Despite its rough art style, you'll find that this comic is a masterpiece in its own way. The stories are in equal parts moving and delightful, and the format is very convenient... bite-sized, if you will! I've never quite encountered a so aptly-named web comic.

Like a candy bowl, it is in an extremely palatable format. The art quality is sufficient to allow comedy and grand emotional poignance as necessary without bogging the reader down. Reading is quick and -very- satisfying, just like popping one piece of candy after another.

The characters are extremely rich in personality. Every one of them is easy to associate with, engendering a strong bond. They all have a valid and interesting background that balances the way they are now, and the more you get to know them, the more you see yourself in them and grow to love each and every one.

The 'bittersweet' emotional concept is SUPERLATIVELY expressed, far more advanced and consistent than absolutely -anywhere- else, giving the reader an extremely strong, lifelike 'feel'. This comic really is a slice of life, more than anything else, in that you'll feel more alive, more appreciative of life, when you -truly- understand it!

I'm totally addicted. Even if the characters do things that are infuriating sometimes, it all contributes strikingly to the big picture. These are the mistakes that people make. You'll find that the only thing that keeps you from BELIEVING IN these characters is the fact that they're all adorable cartoon animals.

This comic is a MUST READ!
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