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Faux Pas

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Genres:Comedy, Furry, Romance
Description*:Randy lives at Green Mountian Studio Animals (beware peculiar critters), an ordinary animal-actor fox leased out to make commercials and b-grade movies. A charming fellow, with a few problems - like cats (over a hundred of them, who think of him as a toy) and Cindy, a wild vixen who seems to like him and has moved in...

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08:48pm 10/16/2011
Owes a lot to Disney foxes... in a good way.
Faux Pas (pronounced "Fox Paws") is the story of Randy, an animal actor who has lived among humans his entire life, and Cindy, a wild vixen who is willing to live in Randy's world in order to be with him. She finds herself befriending rabbits, mice, a chicken, and many other inhabitants of Randy's world who would have been food in her own.

The creators of this comic explore many variations on the "City Mouse-Country Mouse" theme and have created many memorable characters. Their artwork is greatly influenced by Disnay's Robin Hood and The Fox and The Hound. It is clean, colorful, and imaginitive. The storytelling is charming, though occasionally a storyline drags a bit. (Faux Pas shares with Freefall the distinction of having over ten years of regular strips which, so far, cover only a few months of storyline.)

Lately the relationship of the main characters has matured, and Randy has been trying to explain the concept of marriage to Cindy, who is more than willing (though she is still confused whether it's "re-ception" or "con-ception" afterwards). Another recent strip seems to indicate that more foxes will enter the story soon.

Faus Pas is more realistic than most "furry" comics, with the animals really being animals (albiet with human traits) than basically humans with animal heads and tails.
06:46pm 01/05/2010
If you think that...
...just because 99 percent of the characters here aren't bipedal that this comic is bad, then your superfluously wrong.

Look that word up after you're done reading.

This comic has a huge archive with great art from the beginning and a good story. Romantic comedy anyone? At least half the time anyways, when the cats aren't figuring out a way to damage the main character, Randy.

Funny and great for everyone of all ages.
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