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Genres:Comedy, Drama, Furry, Spiritual
Description*:Three furry girls go to college and share an apartment in Utah.

Updates every Saturday.

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02:43pm 03/26/2015
Strikes a difficult balance
Most webcomics which focus on a particular religious view usually do so with a clear ulterior motive... either to proselytize or to ridicule that belief system. Furry Experience, while clearly written from the perspective of the LDS (Mormon) community, does so in a way which is respectful of LDS beliefs but while keeping an open mind towards other faiths, and without putting an artificial shine on itself.

Of the three main characters, only one is an actual LDS follower, while another is openly sympathetic towards Mormon beliefs and the third is openly skeptical. The hardships as well as the benefits of the faith and it's followers' lifestyle are presented frankly and respectfully.

The artwork has shown continual improvement throughout the series. New characters have been introduced and fleshed out at a rate that does not overwhelm the reader, but which has nevertheless given the strip a large supporting cast. Serious storylines are mixed with the purely absurd, but it is reasonable to believe that the stories all take place in the same world. This comic strikes the right balance in every area.
07:51am 05/12/2013
Hard to explain...But I love it
I am not sure who the audience is for this strip, but I am certainly in it. It isn't inappropriate for it to have the "spiritual" tag, but a "religion" tag might be better.

This is a slice of life comic revolving around three female roommates. They happen to live in the middle of a staunchly Mormon city, and a few arcs deal with things that come up when you spend time around Mormons. My parents aren't Mormon, but they were raised as Fundamentalist Christians, and some of the jokes hit VERY close to home. Like the idea of going to college for the sole purpose of finding a husband (not getting a BS or a PHD, but an "MRS").
The comic is NOT preachy, and it approaches some of the weird things Christians do in a fair and unoffensive way, even while it jokes about how ridiculous they are. It does have a few preachy characters in a later arc, but that aspect of them is portrayed as a character flaw.

However, most of the comic has these issues in the background. So I am finally getting to the meat of my review.

The three main characters are unique in general and from each other. They also have a great dichotomy that makes them interesting.
*Cat is lovably innocent and spunky, while still having inner strength
*Ronnie is worldly and streetwise, but in a surprisingly kind and charming way
*Dawn is the most grounded and mature, but is motivated strongly by her feelings

The arcs are short, funny, and story progressing. We get to know the characters better, they are natural, and have relate-able conflicts. Nothing earth-shattering happens, but there are typical over-reactions from young people featured here. With the exception of a cliche "switch places for a week" arc, the rest works very nicely.

Additional points:
*Regularly updating
*Alt Text on some strips (hover over them to get a bonus joke)
*click-on-the-comic navigation
*A bunch of "My Little Pony" tributes in the background
*Tons of interesting side characters, some of whom get their own story arcs
*Story and Art start out acceptable, and improves dramatically, including the quick addition of color

In short, it is a strong comic with unique themes and it is a good read. Go ahead and read the first 50 strips. This will even include the first taste of religion in the strip. As a Christian myself, I appreciate this particular criticism of the church because it is an issue that we frequently mess up.
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