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Many Adventures of Kurtless the Cutlass Pirate, W/ Randomness, The

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Comedy, Parody or Satire
Description*:I do a main series called "The Many Adventures of Kurtless the Cutlass Pirate", he's loosely based off of me, and his adventures are usually him trying to escape the clutches of the security ninjas, and is sometimes random for example, an adventure could have Kurtless and his crew avoiding a murderous interdimensional penguin, or busting into Square Enix to demand Kingdom Hearts 3, and sometimes even walk into an alternate reality; jokes are present as well. His crew consists of "Mrs. Musician", a travelling guitarist who joins Kurtless after a wanted ad is put out for a crew member, and "Nehl" a sort of aeon-old hero that has escaped death itself and in result is immortal, he's been serving Kurtless's family forever and such.

Thats the main series, but I haven't actually done a lot of comics with those characters, The site I have put up has a couple of comics I've just done because I wanted to, but the main series will come very soon, you just have to be patient...
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