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Genres:Comedy, Parody or Satire
Description*:This is a comic strip about Caz and her family. It is written and drawn by a wife and husband team, and is very loosely based on their real life. Except where Stu does does stuff wrong, his real life counterpart is occasionally more competent.. but always chubbier. Updates Wednesday and Saturday.
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03:25am 03/09/2016
An entertaining strip that won't give you cavities
CAZ The Comic Strip is about the life of a family of wife, husband and children. I'm not one for slice-of-life comics, so if I read one, there has to be something really special about it. And this artists' couple just does it. Imagine a comic focused on a family without any of the usual, boring, sugar-coated BS that plagues countless stories focused on normal, regular life. A story that's both charming and fun, minus the creepy heterosexual preaching. It's entertaining and very well-drawn. And the gags are funny and/or endearing pretty much 98% of the time. Go read it and sub to it.
12:26pm 02/05/2016
I'm at that age now..
Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy explosions and fart jokes as much as ever, but there was a time when a comic like "For better or for worse" really irritated me. I just didn't get it. It wasn't funny. I just wanted to se cats kicking dogs off tables and kids getting their clothes knocked off by baseballs.
Now I'm reading "Caz the Comic Strip", and I get it. And it is funny. It's that great conversation you have at brunch with your friends, or that running gag you have with your folks. Add in some nerdy references for fun, like Star Wars or dr. Who, and this comic is perfectly simple box of smiles. I highly recommend you get to know these guys.
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