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Mighty Guardian Ranaman!

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Genres:Action-Adventure, Superheroes
Description*:Chronicles the adventures of Valerio "Val" Vargas, otherwise known as the superhero Ranaman.

Ranaman is a young Colombian-American who has been granted the powers of the frog. He has incredible strength, enhanced healing, can stick to any surface, and can leap enormous distances.

By day he lives in his downtown loft on the top floor. He's perceived as shy and friendly by his neighbors, his only real friend being Perrita, an American Eskimo dog.

By night he dons his green costume and red goggles to combat evil in the guise of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog, escaping the mundane using the shaft of an old dumbwaiter to access the roof. He patrols the city, battling super villains and collecting bounties, which he uses to fund his war on crime. Also helps him pay the bills.
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