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Genres:Action-Adventure, Gay-Lesbian-TG
Description*:Nathaniel Lawson never put that much thought into the value of his own life. After all, the third children of kings are rarely remembered by history.

Kaziri left behind everything- her name, her home, her life- and never once stopped to look back. Even she doesn't know whether she's traveling or fleeing.

Evelyn Locke has never cared much about the ethics of her trade. Morals, after all, tend to hinder the work of an assassin on the run.

Three strangers who might never have met under more pleasant circumstances, on a grand quest to not get themselves killed. What could possibly go wrong?

(Action/Adventure with strong LGBTQ themes)
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Entry Added:Tue, Mar 28, 2017
Entry Modified:Fri, Oct 26, 2018
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