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Planet of Hats

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Genres:Comedy, Science Fiction
Description*: Planet of Hats is a comic retelling of the original adventures of the starship Enterprise, as chronicled in the 1966-69 television series Star Trek.

The episodes are presented in original screening order, not production order. (This means the Stardates sometimes skip backwards.)

The strip was originally begun as a relatively small project with a definite end point (79 original series episodes). I decided to extend it to The Animated Series, and then the six original cast movies (ending with The Undiscovered Country), concluding with Generations, as told from Kirk's point of view.

This ends the initial run of Planet of Hats. I will not, in the immediate future, continue with The Next Generation and other Star Trek material. But never say never - I am not ruling out a revival some time in the more distant future.
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