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Legendary Fossil, the

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Genres:Anime, Drama, Fantasy
Description*:This story begins like any other, with a tragic death and reawakening in a new world. Kang Yerin, after being hit by a truck, wakes up as Ashleigh Lute, the 2nd daughter of a noble household. Without the burden of being the firstborn or the need to earn a living, “Ashleigh” expected to live worry-free. But, what should’ve been a cushy life in high society, soon turns into one life-threatening hassle after another. Pulled in every direction, she is forced to go on a quest to defeat the Demon King, forced to keep her heroic quest a secret, and forced to re-enroll at the academy she left behind years ago, making her a downright “fossil” compared to her peers. Trapped under her murderous older sister’s thumb and stuck between a sibling rivalry over the crown, Ashleigh can never seem to catch a break. In a twisted irony, how hard will Ashleigh Lute have to work to be able to live the easy life she’s always wanted?
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Entry Added:Sun, Mar 20, 2022
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