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Tricksy Wizard

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Genres:Comedy, Gaming
Description*:Tricksy Wizard is an ongoing creative collaboration between husband and wife duo Adam and Erin (formerly QuadForceFive on Deviantart and Tumblr).

It's been our dream for years to turn our passion for storytelling into a career. We've moved from day job to day job with the same mantra: "Someday we'll tell stories for a living." In June 2017 we found our courage to give it a real go!

Here's the plan:
We will release a weekly comic strip and a new page from our larger project, "Alive, Alive Oh!" every week. We'll also be adding tabletop character tokens and maps to our gallery as they're created (the ones we upload are the ones we use in our game too!) These projects are for everyone to enjoy. We're not really interested in pay-walling our primary content. However, if you'd like to support us through Patreon, there will be some cool bonuses for being a part of the adventure!

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