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Genres:Drama, Fantasy
Description*:Updates every Friday!

In Batea, using "Tshetsha" or dust magic is common. But 14 year old Atshi Sonel is interested in a higher study of Tshetsha, which she learns at Mityaitimai Tshetshume school. Only problem- her acceptance was a mistake and Atshi is at the bottom of her class. So, desperate, Atshi is willing to take any measures to prove she is capable, even if it means taking on the enemy military, the Dalgysume.

Old art at the beginning, I might fix this eventually, because it hurts my eyes. It gets better over time. I'm still learning how to draw and stuff, so I would appreciate contructive cristicism on my art very very much.

Warning: There are dismembered body parts (mostly hands) depicted and mentioned!
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Entry Added:Sun, Jul 17, 2022
Entry Modified:Sun, Jul 17, 2022
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