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My Cage

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Genres:Anime, Comedy, Furry
Description*:"In the future, all the humans are gone. Now animals have evolved into 'people', amoebae are pets, unseen 3-dimensional humans are gods, and life on still pretty mundane actually. Come see how our animal replacements amuse themselves while working in a boring office and dating."

My Cage is King Features’ first Japanese-style, manga-inspired comic strip. Co-created by Melissa DeJesus, a well-known and highly respected manga graphic novelist, and her writing partner Ed Power, My Cage chronicles the life of Norman, a young 20-something platypus. Norman also wanted to be a world-famous writer, but he has found himself stuck in a less than fulfilling middle-management job that pays the bills but eats away a little more of his soul each day.

Note: King Feastures cancelled the strip, and the author is having problems.

Rerunning original comic.

Update: Now running on Webtoons after GoComics stopped running the strip in November 2020.
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