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09:16am 09/19/2018
  i *Curtailed
Gives an better outlook on life
After doing some research, this comic's point is this: "Don't let petty things get to you, or you won't be able to love yourself and others". And it says so without saying it. Laugh-inducing, thought-provoking, simply brilliant piece of art and storytelling.
12:29am 08/08/2018
  i Godslave
This comic is fantastic!
The writer/artist knows her stuff. The comic is heavily (and I do mean heavily) Egyptian mythology themed. The main character is well rounded, flawed, and not a pushover, making her easy to root for in a very unique comic. The plot easily grabs and holds your attention. You'll love sinking your fangs into it and you won't want to spit it out.

I have found nothing else out there like this, and I mean that in every positive way. I don't anticipate update day for many comics, but I do this one. Give it a read, you'll like it.
01:29am 06/08/2017
Oceanfalls review
Immersive and very atmospheric setting, interesting character interactions, and an ongoing mystery about the main character's identity. Recommended to lovers of classic RPG and slight horror/mystery stories.
08:55pm 02/21/2017
I read this and I thought it was okay. It's amusing, but could use a little improvement. But overall, it's a decent comic. I would recommend it to my friends.

Also, I created it.
08:40pm 10/10/2016
  i Massively Effective
What others in the comic books an entertainment industry have said about Massively Effective.
"MASSIVELY EFFECTIVE is massively entertaining. Lopez and Ginn have created a very fun and relatable superhero action-comic buddy adventure that is a refreshing change from the pointlessly gritty muck that infests most superhero titles today. Not only is it a quality story with great art, but it has the added bonus of a wide and diverse array of NEW characters that the industry sorely needs. You can't go wrong with this book!"- Brandon Easton (Shadowlaw, Thundercats The Animated Series, Armarauders)

"Great enthusiasm, lots of energy, and fun snappy patter."- Ross Richie (Founder & CEO of Boom! Studios)

"It reads just great, and I thought it was a lot of fun. Best part, I thought, was that the dialogue and interactions between characters was so honestly and artfully done." - Paul Jenkins (Fairy Quest, The Darkness Video Game)

"Massively Effective is a superhero-esque Chuck by way of Jay & Silent Bob. It balances comic book industry chatter with a buddy movie-style action-adventure."- Jim Zub (Skullkickers, Street Fighter Legends)

"I love the diversity of Massively Effective. It's a fun and interesting collection of unique characters. Teenagers will definitely be entertained!"- Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek: Enterprise, Miles Away)

"A nice blend of action and humor. This is exactly the kind of thing I think is missing from most modern superhero comics. It's just fun-adventure-y, and breezy."- Geoffrey Thorne (Genre 19, Ben 10, Leverage)

"Massively Effective is infectious. A great buddy comedy that rings true. It feels like I'm ten years old watching Saturday morning cartoons all over again."- J.T. Krul (Green Arrow, Soulfire, Jirni)

"Fun read, most of the time people send me stuff I sort of skim through it but this held my interest throughout. The one page origins are funny and lots of fun, quipped stuff." -Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Cyberforce, Aphrodite IX)

"I enjoyed Massively Effective with its clear writing and solid artwork with pretty, but not overworked, coloring a lot. In fact, "not overworked" applies to all facets of this nicely conceived and executed book. No overwrought, under thought dialogue or tortured looking art here. Just a good, easy and entertaining read."- Will Meugniot (The DNAgents, Exosquad, Jem)
09:50pm 10/04/2016
Very cute characters....
Very cute characters.
07:57am 07/30/2016
Just an advertisement to buy novels at Amazon
No stories, just ads for books at Amazon
03:02am 07/18/2016
  i Witchy
Honestly it's great
This is a really great comic. Great art. Great story (so far!!). Great characters. I love the take on witchcraft and witches and the inclusion of trans and ethnic characters. Honestly I'm cheering for the author to keep going and keep it up!! I love it.
01:09am 05/08/2016
  i *Vapors, The
An Undiscovered Gem
Really gorgeous and stylish art, and characters who feel really real and relatable. Everyone I've shown this comic to either knows someone that it reminds them of, or else they've been that person themselves. It's hilarious but more in a cringey way than a laugh-out-loud way, but I think that's the point. I just wish there was more of it. Definitely check it out.
02:31pm 03/20/2016
  i *Bruno Harm
Great fun, follow this comic!
Bruno Harm is steely eyed, iron jawed, hard as nails, sharp as knife, the man to depend on in a crisis and an old school cigar smoking detective. He also makes me laugh. Travis does a great job in chronicling Bruno's adventures, uses the gag a day format cleverly and obviously likes both his star and cast. Bruno Harm is a fun comic, read it.
03:25am 03/09/2016
An entertaining strip that won't give you cavities
CAZ The Comic Strip is about the life of a family of wife, husband and children. I'm not one for slice-of-life comics, so if I read one, there has to be something really special about it. And this artists' couple just does it. Imagine a comic focused on a family without any of the usual, boring, sugar-coated BS that plagues countless stories focused on normal, regular life. A story that's both charming and fun, minus the creepy heterosexual preaching. It's entertaining and very well-drawn. And the gags are funny and/or endearing pretty much 98% of the time. Go read it and sub to it.
11:49pm 02/08/2016
  i *Bruno Harm
A fun rollercoaster with great punchlines
I am very picky when it comes to jokes, and I find most gag-a-day and comedy webcomics to be quite flat and unimaginative. So I approached Bruno Harm with a very critical eye. Yet, this comic never let me down and really kept me entertained strip after strip. Bruno Harm is an old, yet modern detective with a witty humor and a sharp, intuitive mind. The other characters are also a lot of fun, and the entire comic has some of the best jokes I've read in a long time. Go read it, you won't be disappointed.
12:26pm 02/05/2016
I'm at that age now..
Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy explosions and fart jokes as much as ever, but there was a time when a comic like "For better or for worse" really irritated me. I just didn't get it. It wasn't funny. I just wanted to se cats kicking dogs off tables and kids getting their clothes knocked off by baseballs.
Now I'm reading "Caz the Comic Strip", and I get it. And it is funny. It's that great conversation you have at brunch with your friends, or that running gag you have with your folks. Add in some nerdy references for fun, like Star Wars or dr. Who, and this comic is perfectly simple box of smiles. I highly recommend you get to know these guys.
05:58am 10/30/2015
  i *Phoebe & her Unicorn
First page
Gocomics is run by idiots. Since they forgot to put in a "first page" button, here is the link.
09:57pm 08/19/2015
  i *100% Cat
Ended too early!
Lets face it, Isabel Marks is a prolific and strong story teller. letting one project drop isn't the end of the world.

This comic is only 26 strips, and has been abandoned.

Fortunately, the characters return in "Nicole & Derek", which is a very good comic and currently ongoing. Check that one out instead, or rush through this as a preview of it!
09:32pm 08/19/2015
Another strong Isabel Marks comic
To see a list of all Isabel's comics, go here:

It's a sequel to the very good "Namir Deiter", but you don't have to have read it.

Isabel's characters are interesting due to their complexity. No one is just the screw up. NO one is just the nerdy intelligent person. No one is just the responsible person who has it all figured out. Heck, even the crazy princess chick has more going on than unexplainable enthusiasm and a delusion.

Pretty much all the characters have respect for each other, and the conflict and story lines arise out of realistic events. This gives the comic a comfy slice of life feel that makes each character endearing in their own way. Even the teacher and the biggest slacker have a unique relationship.

It is just nice to have a well thought out story that feels real without tons of cliches. It might not wow you, but its a good comic for when you just need a read that will make you smile.
01:24pm 08/04/2015
by ntp
  i *Weesh
funny and endearing
Imagine a slice of life comic with a "wish granting rabbit" Okay he's not a rabbit but close enough.
The only upside to finding this after it completed was binge reading. I'm sorry it's over.
01:40am 07/06/2015
by cpam
  i Adam4d
Worst. Strip. Ever.
And that's going some, because I've read some pretty bad drivel in my time. This is far less a comic strip than a thinly veiled vehicle for preaching... and does so in a very condescending manner at that. It's humorless, with barely competent drawings, and just needs to hammer it's message into your skull; I couldn't even rate this a single star. If you're really in the mood for some strong fundamentalist Christian POV being hammered at you -- and you just need a choir to sing with -- then this may be the strip for you. For anybody else, I'd recommend GARFIELD; if you're hungering for something more spiritual, try ZEN PENCILS.
09:51am 06/19/2015
Mirror, mirror...
Added at creator's request. :)
08:51pm 06/06/2015
MRiaN: I’d much like to like it more
The short version: “My Roomate is a Nightmare” is a comic I enjoy just enough to wish it was better.

This comic starts with a bit of vague lore about gods, then follows a dark-elf-looking fellow who I assume to be the god of nightmares. He enters his bedroom to find a naked satyr boy lying on his bed. The two get close, and just as I start to wonder if I’ve unwittingly picked up a yaoi comic…

… it was all just a dream.

I don’t like this at the best of times, when a story starts with one character for a while, then suddenly switches to our “real” protagonist. This is especially bad when the fakeout protagonist was someone as interesting as the god of nightmares, and the real protagonist is an ordinary girl in an ordinary world. However, I stick with it here, mostly because the art is really, really good. Seriously. It reminds me of Don Bluth films or other classic animated movies from my childhood. The way characters are drawn especially stands out in my mind, what with their big, expressive eyes and smooth anatomy.

So, I stick with the comic and learn what I can. The new protagonist is a slightly chubby, freckled dark-skinned girl, which is a rare sight to see as a protagonist, so that’s quite a plus. She does ordinary stuff: stays up late writing, only manages to finish two sentences (I can relate), wakes up late, grabs a quick breakfast on her way to work, doesn’t pay attention and nearly runs over something. Then, the comic reveals that she nearly ran over…

…a lamia (woman on top, snake on the bottom)?!

Okay. Recap: at first, we were in a fantasy world. But that was all just a dream. Then we’re in the real world, with internet and computers and jobs. But now the real world is a fantasy world? There are lamias? And fairies, and griffons, and centaurs, and the protagonist’s boss is a drider (woman on top, spider on bottom)?!

This all comes to a head at one point when one of our protagonist’s coworkers says that there’s “an interesting queue” forming. The problem is, when we the readers see the queue, I don’t know what’s interesting about it. Is it that all of them are wearing black? Or that most of them are holding books? Or that there’s a dragon in front of the queue, or a cow-person in the back of the queue holding a sign reading “End of line”?

I don’t know what’s interesting in this world, because I don’t know what’s normal in this world.

What’s worse, this comic has played the “Ha! Tricked you! It’s actually…” card twice. I honestly don’t trust it to not reveal that everything was just a dream again, or perhaps some elaborate costume event.

This all is made worse by an odd artistic decision: every page (except the first) is a single panel. I don’t know what they were going for with this, but it really kills the pacing. In most comics, if the protagonist were to 1) brush her teeth, 2) throw on a shirt, 3) run downstairs and 4) grab a muffin while 5) running out the door, then all those parts would be part of a montage of panels on one or two pages. Here? Each of those actions is its own page. This can really slow down reading the comic, especially with a slower Internet connection that takes around four or five seconds to load a new page. Some might tell me that I could load multiple pages with an RSS feed. I would reply that if I have to download third-party software to make a comic more bearable to read, then there’s a bigger problem at work here.

I might sound like I hate this comic, but I really don’t. The artwork is beautiful, and the concept is interesting. There’s a modern world that is also populated by mythological creatures. Heck, some of the characters have been described as a “god” or a “deity.” What does the physical presence of deities mean for this world? How do oddly-shaped creatures like griffons and centaurs and lamias effect things, not to mention the creatures that can fly? Is there magic? Is it restricted to magical creatures? How are normal humans seen in this world? Is the protagonist even a normal human?

These are questions I genuinely want the answers to, and I’ll gladly keep reading, if for no other reason than the lovely art. However, this one does worry me. There are over a hundred pages so far, and the characters in the comic’s banner have yet to interact. There have been no sign of roommates or nightmares, despite both being promised in the comic’s title. While this all is troublesome, I still feel like a bit more refinement could bring this comic’s writing up to the standard set by the art. Go for it, writer. I’m rooting for you.

Well, except for when the satyr was updating his “Faebook.” Bad writer. Go to your room and think about what you’ve done.
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