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09:16am 09/19/2018
  i *Curtailed
Gives an better outlook on life
After doing some research, this comic's point is this: "Don't let petty things get to you, or you won't be able to love yourself and others". And it says so without saying it. Laugh-inducing, thought-provoking, simply brilliant piece of art and storytelling.
04:18am 09/03/2018
Wonderful comic about parenthood from the creator of "Chuck & Beans"
Very relatable and funny.

Gag-a-day, but very well done, and quite satisfying.

Check the bonus strips because they continue the joke.
12:29am 08/08/2018
  i *Godslave
This comic is fantastic!
The writer/artist knows her stuff. The comic is heavily (and I do mean heavily) Egyptian mythology themed. The main character is well rounded, flawed, and not a pushover, making her easy to root for in a very unique comic. The plot easily grabs and holds your attention. You'll love sinking your fangs into it and you won't want to spit it out.

I have found nothing else out there like this, and I mean that in every positive way. I don't anticipate update day for many comics, but I do this one. Give it a read, you'll like it.
09:53pm 08/16/2017
Comic about rock
This is a comic about rock music, when it comes about comic related to rock music there are not as many as I expect.
01:29am 06/08/2017
Oceanfalls review
Immersive and very atmospheric setting, interesting character interactions, and an ongoing mystery about the main character's identity. Recommended to lovers of classic RPG and slight horror/mystery stories.
08:55pm 02/21/2017
I read this and I thought it was okay. It's amusing, but could use a little improvement. But overall, it's a decent comic. I would recommend it to my friends.

Also, I created it.
08:40pm 10/10/2016
  i Massively Effective
What others in the comic books an entertainment industry have said about Massively Effective.
"MASSIVELY EFFECTIVE is massively entertaining. Lopez and Ginn have created a very fun and relatable superhero action-comic buddy adventure that is a refreshing change from the pointlessly gritty muck that infests most superhero titles today. Not only is it a quality story with great art, but it has the added bonus of a wide and diverse array of NEW characters that the industry sorely needs. You can't go wrong with this book!"- Brandon Easton (Shadowlaw, Thundercats The Animated Series, Armarauders)

"Great enthusiasm, lots of energy, and fun snappy patter."- Ross Richie (Founder & CEO of Boom! Studios)

"It reads just great, and I thought it was a lot of fun. Best part, I thought, was that the dialogue and interactions between characters was so honestly and artfully done." - Paul Jenkins (Fairy Quest, The Darkness Video Game)

"Massively Effective is a superhero-esque Chuck by way of Jay & Silent Bob. It balances comic book industry chatter with a buddy movie-style action-adventure."- Jim Zub (Skullkickers, Street Fighter Legends)

"I love the diversity of Massively Effective. It's a fun and interesting collection of unique characters. Teenagers will definitely be entertained!"- Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek: Enterprise, Miles Away)

"A nice blend of action and humor. This is exactly the kind of thing I think is missing from most modern superhero comics. It's just fun-adventure-y, and breezy."- Geoffrey Thorne (Genre 19, Ben 10, Leverage)

"Massively Effective is infectious. A great buddy comedy that rings true. It feels like I'm ten years old watching Saturday morning cartoons all over again."- J.T. Krul (Green Arrow, Soulfire, Jirni)

"Fun read, most of the time people send me stuff I sort of skim through it but this held my interest throughout. The one page origins are funny and lots of fun, quipped stuff." -Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Cyberforce, Aphrodite IX)

"I enjoyed Massively Effective with its clear writing and solid artwork with pretty, but not overworked, coloring a lot. In fact, "not overworked" applies to all facets of this nicely conceived and executed book. No overwrought, under thought dialogue or tortured looking art here. Just a good, easy and entertaining read."- Will Meugniot (The DNAgents, Exosquad, Jem)
09:50pm 10/04/2016
Very cute characters....
Very cute characters.
12:41pm 09/03/2016
A wonderful western
A beautifully illustrated comic with rugged landscapes set in the old west. This furry spaghetti western has great characters and an engaging plot. I can even picture Clint Eastwood playing the role of Jasper. (Clint in bunny ears. I'd see that).
12:25pm 08/30/2016
  i Bends, The ALNV
Neo-noire with sci-fi.. Lovely dialogue.
07:57am 07/30/2016
Just an advertisement to buy novels at Amazon
No stories, just ads for books at Amazon
03:02am 07/18/2016
  i Witchy
Honestly it's great
This is a really great comic. Great art. Great story (so far!!). Great characters. I love the take on witchcraft and witches and the inclusion of trans and ethnic characters. Honestly I'm cheering for the author to keep going and keep it up!! I love it.
12:04pm 07/17/2016
  i Off-White V
Perfect !!
The most breathtaking webcomic I've ever read
10:10am 07/16/2016
  i One-Sided? ANX
Charming and fun
One-Sided is not a deep comic. Each strip is a simple gag in which a newlywed couple flirts with and seduces each other.

The main characters have so far remained unnamed throughout the series. They engage in a lot of teasing, flirting, and touching. They're a charming couple, and I plan to borrow a lot of the flirting ideas to try on my own wife. The artwork is simple enough to make the action in most strips clear, though there are a few where it is hard to tell exactly what is happening.

There are no ongoing storylines, though some episodes have taken as many as five strips to tell. There are no villans, no angst, no fights, and no real conflict. Although the couple often plays games in which they play-argue or play-fight, the endings are always satisfying. There is nudity and tastefully rendered physical love, but the depictions fall far short of pornography.

This series is actually a great example of adult sex play in a stable, loving relationship.
01:37pm 06/25/2016
  i Off-White V
Stunning story and visuals
The day I discovered Off-white, I stayed up till 2am reading it. The story is gripping and full of emotion, and all done in a beautiful art-style. Absolutely worth reading for anybody who likes mystical adventure stories!
01:09am 05/08/2016
  i *Vapors, The
An Undiscovered Gem
Really gorgeous and stylish art, and characters who feel really real and relatable. Everyone I've shown this comic to either knows someone that it reminds them of, or else they've been that person themselves. It's hilarious but more in a cringey way than a laugh-out-loud way, but I think that's the point. I just wish there was more of it. Definitely check it out.
05:41am 05/06/2016
The Fantastic Cami Woodruff
It has been a wonderful privilege over the last fifteen years to see the blossoming of talent in the incredible Cami Woodruff. A younger teenager when she began contributing to FUR WILL FLY, she is now a professional animator and a storyboard artist for the television series ARCHER.

DOOMSDAY, MY DEAR is an ongoing graphic novel concerning a alternate-recent-history England, in which a certain genetic mutation has caused widespread social and political ripples. At first glance it appears to be strongly inspired by V FOR VENDETTA (The graphic novel, not the movie), but the details and the focus are very different. There is no central protagonist; instead, the story is told through an array of viewpoint characters. There is a strong-willed character with nearly superhuman fighting skills, but unlike the mysterious V with his hatered of government intrusion, Cyril Young is a self-absorbed asshole who hates everyone but Simon and Garfunkle and who agrees to lead a band of insurrectionists out of ego and revenge. The stuttering Abner Kecket is a passive non-hero, needing to be rescued on a regular basis. The Prime Minister, Narissa Gillingham, appears to be ambitious and villainous, but her motivations and plans are unclear. Other characters are presented with hidden depths and flawed personalities. This concentration on characterization lifts DOOMSDAY above other post-apocalyptic fiction.

Ms. Woodruff's storytelling and artistic skills are on wonderful display throughout this 400+ page (so far!) series. The creator describes it as a form of storyboard; if so, one can see why she was chosen to join the story team on an Emmy-award winning series.

I am certain that she will appear someday soon at the Academy Awards as a nominee for Best Animated Short Film.
09:02am 04/03/2016
This comic is awesome.
This comic is awesome. It is a choose your own adventure webcomic and you get to make all the decisions. The only problem is that the story is too random. But that's not that much of a big deal!
02:31pm 03/20/2016
  i *Bruno Harm
Great fun, follow this comic!
Bruno Harm is steely eyed, iron jawed, hard as nails, sharp as knife, the man to depend on in a crisis and an old school cigar smoking detective. He also makes me laugh. Travis does a great job in chronicling Bruno's adventures, uses the gag a day format cleverly and obviously likes both his star and cast. Bruno Harm is a fun comic, read it.
06:32pm 03/13/2016
  i *Cork & Blotto ALN
If you enjoy Kevin Smith's films, the wildness of Hunter Thompson's writing or National Lampoon's Animal House then take a look at this series, you'll enjoy it. Cork and Blotto are best friends and record producers.. tv series about the music industry are currently in vogue, pity none of them are as enjoyable as this!
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